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AV Preservation Resources

Use Video Transfer’s AV preservation resources to help prepare your next preservation project.

Archiving Aids

Download Tools for Migrating Collections

A full list of the video, audio and film formats Video Transfer routinely archives.

Video Transfer’s Media Format List  pdf

An inventory of audiovisual assets should accompany the assets throughout the transfer process. This sample manifest can serve as a template.

Sample Manifest xls

This spreadsheet will calculate how much hard drive space is required to store audiovisual files based on the run-time of the stored content and its file types. Two versions of the calculator are provided as separate worksheets. One calculator uses the same run-time for all file types while the second calculator accepts a separate run-time for each file type.

Data Storage Calculator xls

A helpful glossary for audiovisual archiving.

Terminology pdf

Archiving Topics

Topics Related to Audiovisual Archiving

An important part of audiovisual archiving is the conversion of legacy audiovisual content from an analog to a digital form. This discussion compares these two classes of technology and describes how their characteristics affect audiovisual archiving.

Analog vs. Digital pdf

Composite video is a clever combination of color and black & white information. Component video keeps these two image components separate. Proper handling of each type of video is essential when optimizing preserved video quality.

Composite vs. Component Video pdf

Several common audiovisual archiving problems are associated with the magnetic recording tape used by video recorders. Awareness of these concerns may help archivists prioritize their migration plans as well as detect and mitigate problems as they occur.

Videotape Condition Issues pdf

Helpful information on how to estimate the runtime of unmarked 1/4″ reel-to-reel audio recordings.

Estimating Audio Runtimes pdf

Audiovisual Digitization and Reformatting for Preservation

Preserve content from a wide variety of legacy audiovisual media types.

Audiovisual Preservation Services


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Additional Media Services

Editing, production, sound sweetening, and graphics are available at National Boston, Rumblestrip Audio, and National Ministry of Design