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AV Preservation Quality Control

Quality is Built-In

Quality Control Measurement

Quality control is integrated into each step of the AV preservation process insuring perfect results every time.

Before digitization begins,  project requirements and all collection details will be reviewed by our experienced experts.  Equipment needs, turn-around time, and cost will be determined with accuracy.  A detailed written agreement for approval helps avoid early mistakes.  Sample result files are always made available for suitability testing in advance.

Upon arrival and just prior to return, each batch of assets is inspected and compared with its accompanying manifest to assure the batch is complete.  Any difficulties identifying individual assets are resolved at an early stage, prior to digitization.  A sample manifest is available for download.

Each individual media asset is carefully inspected prior to digitization. The condition of the media, its container and carrier are all examined for defects.  Inspections early in the process prevent damage during digitization and facilitate remediation efforts.

Each digitization task is performed by a system specifically configured to optimize the quality of the content being digitized.  Careful system testing validates each configuration.

Signal levels and phases are monitored and adjusted to levels optimal for archival digitization with distortion free transfers.  Adjustments are preset by careful examination of the content prior to each digitization.  Checks are made to confirm that all available signals and content are transferred.  Digitization field notes for individual assets are added to the manifest.

Each digital file is checked for completeness end-to-end and for the presence of all original elements.  Files must be free of distortion and cropping, and be able to function as intended.  All specific migraition requirements are confirmed.

Delivery storage media is checked for proper file organization.  Each file for each individual asset is accounted for and filenames are checked to be correctly formatted and matching the asset’s content. Immediate use of backup storage is encouraged and when used, collection data will be copied and verified.

Video Transfer’s equipment collection is comprised of professional quality broadcast and industrial equipment.  Experienced engineers maintain and calibrate all digitization equipment with specialized tools and instruments.  Proper operation of playback equipment is always pre-checked using test media.

Audiovisual Digitization and Reformatting for Preservation

Preserve content from a wide variety of legacy audiovisual media types.

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Editing, production, sound sweetening, and graphics are available at National Boston, Rumblestrip Audio, and National Ministry of Design