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AV Preservation Options

Video Transfer’s AV preservation options provide archivists choices such as closed captions, color correction, and fixity checksums.

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Ample Options

AV preservation projects require more than just digitization.

Video transfer will replace deteriorated reels, shells, and containers as part of the transfer process.  We can also supply replacement materials as needed.

Damaged reels and cassette shells can be replaced, and splices repaired.  Video Transfer treats magnetic tape media to counter the affect of storage moisture.  Films are routinely cleaned and spliced. When necessary, we work with with top remediation specialists to expedite reconditioning of more heavily damaged media.

Closed captions increase the accessibility of an archive’s audiovisual content and can be used with streaming files.

Advanced color correction can be applied to restore proper color to film or video content.  Corrections can be made overall or on a scene-by-scene basis.

Checksums can be used to determine if files delivered via any delivery method have reached their destination without change. Checksums are also used by data storage systems to detect errors caused by data degradation.

Digitization logs are routinely kept, however additional information as desired can be collected and recorded as well.

Audiovisual Digitization and Reformatting for Preservation

Preserve content from a wide variety of legacy audiovisual media types.

Audiovisual Preservation Services


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Additional Media Services

Editing, production, sound sweetening, and graphics are available at National Boston, Rumblestrip Audio, and National Ministry of Design