Cost Savings

Digital Asset Management » Cost Savings

DAM systems reduce the cost of preserving an audiovisual collection.  The cost of losing obsolete and deteriorating assets is avoided by archiving assets in a DAM that incorporates a trusted digital repository.  Since trusted digital repositories provide a high level of long-term asset protection, physical storage requirements for assets can be reduced.  DAM systems also remove the necessity of storing and maintaining playback equipment dedicated to reproducing content from legacy media.

Statistical reports generated by DAM systems provide the business intelligence needed for data-driven decision making.  Marketing campaigns can be directed toward the most popular distribution channels and focused on the most popular assets.  Decisions aimed at making the most efficient use of resources can be guided by asset and user traffic analysis.

DAM systems help keep implementation and operating costs to a minimum.  Systems offering a high degree of configurability can be tailored to each collection owner’s needs without relying on custom software development.  DAM systems that are founded on standard technology and standard IT architecture are easily managed by personnel accustomed to typical business systems and practices.

DAM configurations that are scalable can be adapted to meet growing capacity and performance levels.  These systems need not be initially over-sized in order to be prepared for future demands.  Furthermore, built-in reliability features avoid the costs of down time and lost business.

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