Productivity Gains

Digital Asset Management » Productivity Gains

Increased productivity is a benefit DAM systems offer institutions actively working with audiovisual content.  Advanced search and discovery tools reduce the time needed to find content.  Standard media players add random access support while eliminating the need to retrieve physical assets.  Media players also eliminate the time and effort required for operating dedicated playback devices.

Built-in automatic workflow capabilities facilitate collaboration.  Assets relevant to a project can be grouped together and shared as a set.  Notifications and reminders can be sent to individual team members when their contribution is needed.  Events based on time, date, or triggered by the completion of an action can automatically initiate additional actions.

Users who require only limited access can log into tailored work environments.  These simplified environments remove all unneeded system elements and provide streamlined access to only those resources that are appropriate.  Departments, subsidiaries, clients, vendors, and external users can thus be provided with a secure interface through which they can review approval copies, submit samples, or perform revisions.

DAM systems can be integrated with existing business and creative systems.  DAM integration allows users to access assets held within the DAM using only the software interfaces of their familiar systems.  Integration also allows DAM systems to recognize user authentication credentials assigned by external authorities.

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