Expanded Access

Digital Asset Management » Expanded Access

Collection owners can leverage expanded access capabilities to disseminate important research information, support collaboration, increase the size of an audience, and built awareness for membership drives and contribution campaigns.

Once placed in a DAM system, audiovisual assets become accessible via local area networks and the Internet.  Standard browsing software on any Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS device can be used to view content.

Permissions and intellectual rights management allows collection owners to determine what assets DAM users can discover and what access privileges they are granted.  Access can also be controlled by location, date, and time.

Access to audiovisual content can also be extended to non-DAM users via email, intuitive web portals, links embedded in public websites, and eCommerce systems.  Access can be granted on a temporary basis using expiration settings, or made permanent.  DAM systems also offer multilingual capabilities to support global access.

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