Condition Remediation

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Audiovisual asset condition issues can, in some cases, be anticipated.  However, they are often not detected until an asset is inspected prior to transfer.  Most condition problems can be corrected.  Video Transfer works with collection owners to establish an agreed upon course of action when problems are discovered.

When a corrective course of action is approved by an asset’s owner, Video Transfer is equipped to perform most remediation tasks within its transfer facility in an inexpensive and timely manner.  Broken mechanical components can be replaced, splices repaired, and binding agents rejuvenated.

In the worst cases, such as severe tape damage or extreme contamination exposure, where remediation is expensive but justifiable due to the value of the affected asset, Video Transfer has a long and successful history of working with highly trusted and competent restoration experts.  Every effort to recover the contents of damages assets can be brought to bear.

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