Asset Exchange

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The exchange of assets between a collection’s owner and Video Transfer is a critical step that is carefully controlled to guarantee that no assets are misplaced or misidentified.

Whenever possible, Video Transfer will pickup and return assets to their owner at no extra charge without the use of a third-party shipper.

We also assist with the preparation of printed and electronic manifests to be associated with each container of assets.  Directly upon receiving an asset container at our transfer facility, Video Transfer will use its manifest to confirm the quantity and identity of all exchanged assets and will notify the owner of any discrepancies immediately.

During the time that assets are in Video Transfer’s possession, they will be kept in a secure, environmentally controlled location and made accessible only to staff members involved in the transfer and quality control process.

Video Transfer accepts the exchange of assets in batches of an agreed upon size to minimize the extent of a collection’s separation from its owner.  Asset batches are returned to their owner accompanied by the original manifest after archive copies have been delivered and approved.

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