Asset Identification

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In order to be tracked during physical movements and linked to corresponding inventory entries, each asset must be uniquely identified.  If a consistent system of identification is already in use for all assets in a collection, that system will most likely meet this need.  If there is no suitable existing system, or that system has deficiencies, then a new system must be put in place.

For the purpose of archival transfers, a simple system is sufficient.  The critical element is a label with a unique identification number that can be applied to each asset.  Video Transfer will readily supply collection owners with this resource.

For some collections, the need for identification may extend beyond the archival transfer process and may impose more advanced requirements.  Bar code labels or other machine readable identifiers are examples of advanced requirements.  Video Transfer works with collection owners to select a system of identification that meets their needs and will apply these identifiers to each asset if not already present.

The selected asset identification system can optionally be incorporated into the file naming convention employed during the transfer process.

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