Collection Migration – Digitization

Collection Migration » Digitization

When the planning process is complete, Video Transfer’s experienced staff will use our carefully maintained equipment to perform all the technical tasks required for the perfect transfer of an audiovisual collection to digital files and modern media.

Each asset is carefully examined to ensure that all its content, including multiple audio tracks, timecode, and captions are captured.

Analog signal adjustments will be set for each individual asset using calibrated monitoring instruments.  Signal distortion not present in the original will be excluded and signal purity and stability will be maximized.  Once established, signal adjustment settings are held constant during an asset’s transfer to ensure consistent content reproduction.

Analog-to-digital conversion will occur as close as possible to the point of original signal recovery.  Video luminance and chrominance components are kept separate and no signal processing will be employed to alter the reproduction of the original content unless specifically requested and approved by the collection’s owner.

In addition to these technical tasks, there are a few non-technical tasks associated with the digitization process as well:

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